Making Nutrition Enjoyable

Making Nutrition Enjoyable

Making Nutrition EnjoyableMaking Nutrition EnjoyableMaking Nutrition Enjoyable

Empowering you to discover your optimal nutrition and lifestyle to live and feel your best now and for years to come.

There is a lot of nutrition information out there. How do you sort through which foods are healthy and make time to shop, prepare, cook, and create a nutrition budget that supports you and your family's health?

All the while you are working, supporting others, paying bills, replying to messages, finding time to move your body and exercise each day, be with family and friends, stay hydrated, get adequate sleep each night and more.

Maybe you feel great today or have said you will learn about nutrition later when you have more time. Now is the time to learn the huge impact that food and lifestyle have on your health today, as well as in ten, twenty, thirty, forty and fifty years from now. 

To empower you to become the expert of your nutrition, I have compiled nutrition resources, short and long term diet lifestyles, recipes, cooking tips and tools, organic whole food Seattle sources, prepared snacks, drinks and meals, weekly meal planning and budgeting tips, and more! 

Nutrition knowledge can give you the power to take charge of your health to live and feel your best now and for your years to come!

Nutrition in Seattle helps make your nutrition journey enjoyable.

Starting with eating one new healthy food, reading one new nutrition article or book, or cooking with one new healthy ingredient can put you on the nutrition path you are wanting. 

If you have any questions or want support with your nutrition you can contact me by clicking here or email me at


"Let Food Be Thy Medicine and Medicine Be Thy Food." 




Shopping for properly grown, nutrient dense food, storing food properly, and finding the time to cook can feel overwhelming. I have discovered some great nutritional tips and easy, yet delicious recipes that make shopping for food, cooking, and eating enjoyable! Click on the above photo to pick out a recipe to try today. 

Prepared Snacks, Drinks and Meals


Cooking and making every meal, snack, and drink is ideal for me, but sometimes having a prepared nutritional and tasty meal, snack, or drink is more convenient. Check out these nutritional and delicious meals, snacks, and drinks from a local grocery store or online. 

Herb Uses for Nutrition


Learn how to use herbs to support your digestive system and boost your immune system, and even learn how to grow your own herbs. 

nutrition in seattle

Nutrition Resources


If you would like to learn more about nutrition check out these articles, books, documentaries and more! Knowledge is power to discover what will be best for your nutrition needs!

Cooking Ingredients


I like using whole foods and herbs as much as possible, but I do use a few packaged ingredients at times. Most of them I can find in the grocery store or farmers market, but a few I have only found online. 



There is always a way to eat healthier on any budget. Find out more here. 

Seattle Grocery Stores


Check out the list of Seattle grocery stores, their locations, store hours, nutritional foods they offer and more. 

Seattle Farmers Markets


Farmers Markets are great places to find organic, local, grass fed, wild caught and pasture raised food, and the outing to a farmers market can be an enjoyable activity too.

Seattle Restaurants


Here is a list of Seattle restaurants that I have called to find out which cooking oils they use and if they serve organic foods or not. Some are also accommodating to specific nutritional needs. 

Diets and Nutritional Lifestyles


There is not a one size fits all diet and nutritional needs can change. Sometimes elimination diets and nutrition lifestyles can be useful to detect food allergies, sensitivities, detect other conditions, or heal and balance digestion. 

Nutritional Therapy Consultant Appointments


If you need support with your nutrition goals I offer nutrition consultation appointments via phone or in person in Seattle, WA.

Cooking Tips and Tools


Check out these resources to learn about culinary knife skills, safe cooking oils, and nontoxic kitchenware to make your cooking experience enjoyable!

Local Farms


Check out a local farm near Seattle, WA. Get to know your farmer and ask how they grow and raise their food. Find a farm to go berry picking or to sign up for a CSA delivery box.

Nutrition Events


Here are some nutrition events going on in and around Seattle, WA.

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