What is Meal Prepping and Planning and How Do You Do It?

Meal Planning 101


From talking to friends who don't meal plan, and don't know how to, the thought of meal planning is DAUNTING! This is just the basics to help you get started. There are of course tips and tricks to make it more efficient as well as save you extra money, but if you are just getting started start with these steps first. You can always add the other tricks in later when you feel more comfortable with the whole process.

The Beginner’s Guide to Meal Planning: What to Know, How to Succeed, and What to Skip


Kitchn has identified the simplest, most effective system for meal planning and broke it down into three key steps: selecting recipes, shopping for ingredients, and prepping your meals. These steps might seem pretty obvious, and for the most part they are, but there’s critical strategy within each of them. It’s the strategy that makes meal planning worth its weight in gold — or maybe just the money it saves you! Along the way we’re going to cover what to skip, what’s absolutely essential for success, and share a few bonus pro tips you can implement as you find your own rhythm. 

101 Meal Planning Ideas and Tips


Here are 101 easy ideas to help show you how to meal plan and get dinner on the table with less stress while you are saving money.